Independence Day can feature deadly car crashes

June 25, 2018 Legal Team
While people in Illinois may associate the Fourth of July with fun, family and celebrations, the holiday can also be strongly associated with danger, particularly in the form of motor vehicle accidents. On Independence Day, record numbers of drivers take to the roads, crowding streets and highways and making accidents more likely to occur....
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New technology may keep drivers away from their smartphones

June 13, 2018 Legal Team
Smartphones are increasing the number of distracted driving incidents on the roads of Illinois and throughout the rest of America. They have created such an epidemic that many companies are developing technology to stop the harm caused by phones. Whether drivers will use the new technology is another issue; however, a National Safety Council...
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What happens when a juvenile gets a DUI?

June 4, 2018 Legal Team
There are zero-tolerance laws in Illinois concerning underage individuals who drink and drive. For a first offense, the arrested party may have a suspended driver’s license for up to two years as well as the consequences the person’s high school or college imposes. There are numerous factors that will affect the penalties a minor faces. For...
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