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Posts tagged "Car Accident"

Passengers in new trucks may be more prone to injury than drivers

Since 2017, the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety has been conducting crash tests on both the driver and passenger sides of vehicles. After a recent round of crash tests on 11 newer two-row pickup trucks, the IIHS came to an important conclusion that Illinois residents should know about. It turns out that the passengers of these pickups are more likely than the drivers to be injured or die in a collision.

Distraction linked with higher risk for highway work zone crashes

Highway work zones have long been known to pose a challenge to road safety in Illinois and across the U.S. This is because the narrow lanes of a construction area are always much less safe. Researchers at the University of Missouri have found out that these zones are particularly dangerous for distracted drivers. These motorists are 29 times more likely to crash in work areas.

GHSA issues report on speeding and traffic fatalities

Illinois motorists may not be surprised to hear that speeding accounts for nearly one third of all motor vehicle-related fatalities. What's worse is that the numbers are not going down and that many consider speeding to be culturally acceptable. The Governors Highway Safety Association has a report out on how the issue can be addressed at a deeper level.

External air bags could improve driver safety

Drivers in Illinois may be interested in learning about new developments in the field of external airbags. These safety features are designed specifically to lower the risks of side impacts. According to research by the manufacturer ZF, external airbags could reduce the severity of car accident injuries by up to 40 percent.

Injuries may go unnoticed after a car accident

When people in Illinois are hit by another car, they may not be aware of all of their injuries right away. The adrenaline rush, emotional trauma and excitement of the crash may obscure some of a person's injuries. In other cases, the physical effects of the crash may not be felt until several days later. While the effects may be delayed, that does not mean that these injuries are less serious; in some cases, delayed injuries may include traumatic brain injuries and spinal cord damage. This is one reason for people to seek medical attention after a car accident, even if they think that they are uninjured or that they know the extent of the damage.

Tesla safety report met with skepticism

Tesla recently released a document that it proclaims to be a safety report. However, those who have seen the report believe that it lacks the proper context to make the types of claims that it does. For instance, it says that Illinois drivers and others who use the Tesla Autopilot feature get in fewer crashes than those who turn it off or don't have it at all. However, it doesn't say why a driver would turn the feature off or otherwise not use it. It could be because a person is using the car in an environment where Autopilot isn't meant to be used.

How to avoid or mitigate the consequences of hydroplaning

Illinois drivers may know what hydroplaning is, but they may not have given it much thought. While slowing down and avoiding large puddles can usually prevent hydroplaning, there are other times when it's unavoidable. Drivers should especially be cautious during the first 10 minutes of rainfall when water and the oily residue on the road mix together to form a slippery surface. Afterwards, most but not all of the residue will be washed away.

Placing roundabouts at rural intersections saves lives

Rural highway intersections in Illinois and across the U.S. can be deadly. Many of these crossroads use stop signs or traffic lights to govern fast-moving vehicles, which can lead to a significant number of serious car accidents, injuries and fatalities. To mitigate the problem, some states are turning to roundabouts.

Distracted driving increases in the summer

According to research conducted by TrueMotion, drivers tend to be more distracted in the months of June, July and August. They reportedly spend 15 minutes per every hour driving looking at their phones, which is a 10 percent increase over the rest of the year. This conclusion was reached by looking at data from 20,000 drivers between January 2017 and May 2018. Distracted driving may occur on Illinois roads at higher rates during the summer because more people are driving.

Independence Day can feature deadly car crashes

While people in Illinois may associate the Fourth of July with fun, family and celebrations, the holiday can also be strongly associated with danger, particularly in the form of motor vehicle accidents. On Independence Day, record numbers of drivers take to the roads, crowding streets and highways and making accidents more likely to occur. In addition to the large number of cars on the road, those crashes can become more severe as a result of abundant alcohol. The holiday is considered to be America's deadliest weekend every year.

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