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Helping Hardworking Men And Women In Illinois Pursue The Benefits They Need

If you suffer an injury or illness that is work-related in Illinois, you have a right to benefits from workers’ compensation. However, just because an injury or illness happened at work doesn’t mean it was work-related. Workers’ compensation is complicated, and it often takes a lawyer’s help to guide you through the maze.

At Holley, Rosen & Beard, LLC, our lawyers offer a free initial consultation to answer your questions about Illinois workers’ compensation. Call 217-280-4984 or 877-671-5884 to learn how our experience can help you. From our law offices in Springfield, we represent injured workers throughout central Illinois.

When Is An Injury Or Illness Work-Related?

Illinois workers’ compensation is a state insurance program that pays you benefits if you are unable to do your job due to an occupational illness or an injury that occurs in course of your employment and arises out of your employment.

An injured worker does NOT need to prove fault or negligence if an employee is injured in an accident at work, workers’ compensation insurance benefits should pay.

A typical example of an injury that occurs in the course or scope of employment would be a back injury suffered by a warehouse worker from lifting boxes. However, if an office worker injures his or her back by carrying a personal item such as a plant, the injury would likely not be work-related.

What Benefits Are Available From Workers’ Compensation?

Illinois workers’ compensation provides the following benefits:

  • Free medical care and prescription drugs for your illness or injury as long as it persists.
  • A weekly benefit for as long as you are unable to work or can only work part time as a result of your injury.
  • If you still have any symptoms from the work-related injuries or there is any degree of “permanency,” you are likely entitled to a settlement or award.
  • If you suffer a permanent partial or permanent total disability as a result of the illness or injury, you are entitled to a benefit for permanent injury.
  • In some circumstances, you may be entitled to job retraining.

Our lawyers will ensure that you receive the maximum benefits you deserve for your work-related illness or injury.

Free Workers’ Compensation Consultation

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