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Assessing and treating dog bites

Every year in Illinois and across the U.S., 1 in 775 people seek emergency care for dog bite injuries, most of them boys between five and nine years old. Dog bites tend to be around the head and neck in children under the age of 10, resulting in lacerations, punctures, avulsions or crush injuries. Those who are injured will want to immediately wash the wound and seek medical attention, as signs of infection will appear within 24 hours.

Nurses and other healthcare providers can assess dog bites, looking for damage to tendons, ligaments, nerves and bones and checking for proper motion and neurologic function. They will also note patient data like previous rabies and tetanus immunizations, drug allergies and conditions that may have increased the patient's risk for injury.

Injured skateboarders might have premises liability claims

Skateboarding is a popular activity, sport and mode of transport in Illinois, but it can also be dangerous. According to a skateboarding enthusiast and instructor, the risk of injury is part of the draw of the pass time. When people get hurt while skateboarding, though, the owner of the property where they were hurt might have liability.

Premises liability is a legal claim whereby the owner of public or private land may be found liable for injuries that occur on the property. It is more likely that the landowner will be found liable if the event that led to injury was foreseeable. Premises liability applies to cases where the injured party was invited onto the property and it may also apply where a person is hurt in an area that is tempting for skateboarders, even if they were not invitees.

Frequently asked questions about Illinois DUI laws

In Illinois, drunk driving laws are strict. Even if you do not face a DUI conviction, you may face a suspension of your license if you refuse a chemical test. 

While it is obvious that driving under the influence is illegal, there are some things you may not know about DUI laws in Illinois. Here are some answers to frequently asked questions about Illinois drunk driving laws:

How to avoid or mitigate the consequences of hydroplaning

Illinois drivers may know what hydroplaning is, but they may not have given it much thought. While slowing down and avoiding large puddles can usually prevent hydroplaning, there are other times when it's unavoidable. Drivers should especially be cautious during the first 10 minutes of rainfall when water and the oily residue on the road mix together to form a slippery surface. Afterwards, most but not all of the residue will be washed away.

Hydroplaning occurs when the tires, encountering more water on the road than they can handle, push the water underneath them and create a thin layer of water between them and the road. The tires thus lose traction and may cause the car to slide or skid uncontrollably. Hydroplaning can result in serious crashes.

Greyhound, big rig in deadly crash

Some Illinois residents might have heard about a Greyhound bus accident on Aug. 30 that resulted in the death of eight people. The accident, which happened in New Mexico, happened when a semi-trailer hit the bus.

The National Transportation Safety Board is investigating the accident. It has been reported that the truck had lost the tread on a front tire and that the tires will be looked at further. The agency has the bus and semi-trailer's electronic data recorders and has spoken to crash survivors. It is trying to get an interview with the semi-trailer driver as well as toxicology reports and medical records for both the bus and semi-trailer driver. The truck is owned by a company in California.

Restoring your driving privileges after a DUI in Illinois

Getting a conviction for driving under the influence can come with many frustrating consequences. Perhaps the most inconvenient repercussion is the loss of driving privileges. Without your license, you will be unable to lawfully drive to work, school or for any other purpose.

If you drive when your license is under suspension, you may face the following:

  • Jail time
  • An increase in the duration of the suspension
  • License revocation

Placing roundabouts at rural intersections saves lives

Rural highway intersections in Illinois and across the U.S. can be deadly. Many of these crossroads use stop signs or traffic lights to govern fast-moving vehicles, which can lead to a significant number of serious car accidents, injuries and fatalities. To mitigate the problem, some states are turning to roundabouts.

For example, the North Carolina Department of Transportation is installing roundabouts in many rural communities. Studies have found that roundabouts are better than traffic lights at reducing traffic-related injuries and deaths. This is because roundabouts force vehicles to slow down as they approach an intersection. They also only require drivers to look to their left to determine if there is oncoming traffic, which reduces the risk of driver error.

Man facing DUI charge following motorcycle accident

An Illinois man was taken into police custody on July 25 following a motorcycle accident that left a passenger with severe injuries. The motorcyclist was believed to be under the influence when the accident occurred.

The accident took place at about 10:30 p.m. near 111th Street and Parker Road in Palos Park. According to the prosecutor, the man was operating the motorcycle with a female passenger when he allegedly lost control of the motorcycle, causing the one-vehicle crash. Both operator and passenger were taken to the hospital. The female passenger reportedly suffered a severe facial laceration that needed stitches, lost teeth and a broken jaw. The report said that the injuries were severe enough that she may be permanently disfigured.

Brain injuries after a truck accident

Most people know brain injuries tend to be a highly serious medical issue. However, it might surprise them to learn that, unlike many other types of trauma, traumatic brain injury can be hard to identify after a truck accident.

TBI typically occurs when the head sustains an impact, as commonly happens in a crash. Head wounds, especially those that penetrate the skull, can indicate the possibility of TBI. However, even people who do not recall hitting their heads may suffer TBI, as an abrupt stop such as often occurs in a crash can cause the brain to hit the interior of the skull hard enough to cause damage.

Should you sue when a dog bites you in Illinois?

Contrary to what people may think, most dog bites do not occur from a dog on a walk attacking a jogger or cyclist; even the mail deliverer is not at the greatest risk. The truth is that most dog bites happen to children and seniors with familiar dogs during everyday interactions, such as playing in the home, reveals the American Veterinary Medical Foundation. When more than one dog is in the home, the risk increases fivefold.

This means that you are more likely to have a dangerous interaction with a dog you know well, such as a close friend's, than a strange one on the street. This fact can make things difficult when a bite occurs. Do you sue your friend and risk damaging your relationship? Do you hold the nice old lady next door legally and financially accountable?

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