3 Main Steps in a Typical DUI Stop

April 4, 2023 Legal Team
Traffic stops should follow a procedure. This applies to DUI arrests just as much as it does when an officer stops you for speeding. Many potential questions could arise during these few critical minutes. This article only provides a general overview. 1. The stop The first step in a DUI arrest is the traffic stop. Police...
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Can seat belt syndrome be catastrophic?

March 17, 2023 Legal Team
As you probably know, motor vehicle accidents are to blame for thousands of injuries and deaths in the U.S. every single year. Wearing your seat belt is one of the more effective ways to stay safe during a crash. In fact, according to the U.S. Department of Transportation, seat belt usage can reduce your...
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Responsibility for snow removal on rented property

March 3, 2023 Legal Team
Living in a residence that you have rented from someone else can create some confusing gray areas when it comes to your responsibilities versus those of your landlord.For example, if you live in a rented residence, it may be unclear whether snow removal is your responsibility or your landlord’s. News Channel 20 has received...
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Notable car crash injuries that are not visible

February 24, 2023 Legal Team
If something comes through your skin, you will know that you have experienced an injury from a car crash. You will probably go to a doctor if you have visible damage. However, several injuries are not visible. Any medical professional will warn you about these injuries because they can be dangerous and left untreated...
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