Responsibility for snow removal on rented property

March 3, 2023 Legal Team
Living in a residence that you have rented from someone else can create some confusing gray areas when it comes to your responsibilities versus those of your landlord.For example, if you live in a rented residence, it may be unclear whether snow removal is your responsibility or your landlord’s. News Channel 20 has received...
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3 natural risks on walkways and in entrances

January 20, 2023 Legal Team
Every place of business has a responsibility to keep its premises clear and clean so that visitors, workers and passersby may travel safely. This ranges from keeping hallways uncluttered with equipment to quickly cleaning up spills.It also includes cleaning up after mother nature. When a storm or the weather affects a premises, it may...
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Preparing to welcome winter and protect your customers

October 26, 2022 Legal Team
Winter weather is not that far distant which means soon enough you will need to take extra precautions to protect your customers. Neglecting to plan ahead could result in a costly premise liability case if a customer suffers an injury on your property.Keeping your highly-trafficked walkways clear of snow and ice requires a persistent...
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What could happen when children trespass on your property?

August 15, 2022 Legal Team
When you own a plot of land, you could notice local children entering it without your permission.Although you may not realize it, there could be many places and items there that can lead to serious injuries for minors.Interactions with dangerous equipmentAccording to Cornell Law School’s Legal Information Institute, children can often sneak or wander...
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