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3 natural risks on walkways and in entrances

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Posted on January 20, 2023

Every place of business has a responsibility to keep its premises clear and clean so that visitors, workers and passersby may travel safely. This ranges from keeping hallways uncluttered with equipment to quickly cleaning up spills.

It also includes cleaning up after mother nature. When a storm or the weather affects a premises, it may be a risk to visitors in a number of ways.

1. Winter snows

When the cold settles in, both rain and snow pose major risks for slips and falls. Even shoveling the walkway may inadvertently create a slick slide of ice without appropriate salting. The Bureau of Labor Statistics reported over 20,000 injuries due to ice, sleet and snow.

2. Leaves and dust

Piles of dead leaves may pose a similar risk if they choke up entrances. Leaves can get soggy in the rain, posing more slippery surfaces for visitors. Dust and dirt may do the same in dry times.

3. Sidewalk cracks

Over years of hot summers and cold winters, cement can crack. If they are bad enough, these cracks pose serious tripping hazards if a business does not attend to them.

Each of these requires attention from both a business and people on the premises. However, vigilance can only take a person so far. Knowing to watch out for these hazards is one thing; knowing what to do in the event of a slip and fall is another.

Slips and falls on business premises are serious, and it is important for people facing these injuries to learn more about their situation and what tools are available when seeking ways to cover those costs.