Seat Belt Laws in Illinois

December 30, 2023 Holley Rosen Beard
Wearing a seat belt is not only one way to protect your life, but it can also be one of the most important rules to follow to avoid facing a ticket. If you are unsure of the seat belt laws in Illinois, now is a good time to learn about them. The Springfield criminal...
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Steps to Take When the Other Driver Doesn’t Have Insurance in illinois

December 20, 2023 Holley Rosen Beard
You are in a car accident and now have medical bills and ample pain and suffering. What you did not know when you got into the car that day is that you would be hit by someone who does not have adequate insurance to cover the losses you now have. These are the steps...
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What is Covered Under Workers’ Comp for Truck Drivers in Illinois

July 26, 2023 Brian Beltz
If you are involved in an Illinois truck accident, there are many factors to consider when filing a workers’ compensation claim. The process can feel daunting to determine who is responsible because many businesses are involved in the transportation process. You never have to guess where to begin or who is responsible when you...
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What to Do If My Illinois Workers’ Compensation Claim Was Denied

July 17, 2023 Brian Beltz
It is common to receive a denial of your initial workers' compensation claim. It may feel overwhelming and easy to give up on the process. Denial of a claim can happen for many reasons. Holley, Rosen & Beard, LLC are prepared to help you navigate the complicated legal system to secure compensation for your...
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