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Why do you need a lawyer after being struck by a car while walking in an intersection or riding your bike legally on a city road? After all, isn’t it presumed that a pedestrian or biker has the right of way on Illinois roads?

Well, yes, that is often the case. However, insurance companies know that driver negligence in a pedestrian or bike accident is hard to prove. Evidence often comes down to the car driver’s word against the injury victim. Even when there appears to be a case of clear liability on the part of their policyholder, the insurance company will try to settle the case early, with a low settlement that appears to be sufficient to cover the injury. Having an experienced Springfield pedestrian and bicycle accident attorney on your side can be a critical factor in receiving a settlement that fully covers your injuries, lost earnings, pain and suffering now and in the future, and punitive damages if the law provides.

The Representation Accident Victims Need To Get Full And Fair Compensation

If you or a member of your family was struck by a car while walking or riding a bicycle in Springfield of elsewhere in central Illinois, talk to us at Holley, Rosen & Beard, LLC. We offer a free case evaluation to review the circumstances of your accident and explain your options for pursuing full and fair money damages. If you hire us, we will immediately begin a thorough investigation of the evidence, including working with professionals in the field of injury compensation, accident reconstruction and life care needs to prepare and present the strongest evidence possible for negotiating a fair settlement.

Not Covered For Your Injuries? We Can Help.

Settling a personal injury claim or taking a case to trial can take a long time. While your case is progressing, you will require medical treatment. If you are unable to get adequate insurance coverage and cannot pay your own expenses, we will look for every available option to get you the medical care you need. This can include pursuing a claim against your own automobile insurance policy. When your case is concluded, we will also work hard to help you keep as much of your settlement as possible by negotiating to reduce the amount of money owed to parties who have placed repayment liens against your settlement or jury award.

Over 50 Years Of Experience Helping Accident Victims Get Full Compensation

Our Springfield pedestrian and bicycle accident attorneys advise and represent clients in communities throughout central Illinois. To arrange a free initial consultation, call us at (217) 544-3368 or (877) 671-5884.