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Experience And Resources To Handle The Most Difficult Truck Accident Cases

Interstate 55 through Illinois and Highway 72 between Champaign and Quincy are major truck thoroughfares that carry thousands of commercial vehicles through the region every day. Illinois has the unfortunate distinction of being one of the most dangerous states in America in terms of accidents involving large trucks and commercial vehicles. In a typical year on Illinois roads, highways and interstates, more than 5,000 commercial trucks are involved in accidents, resulting in more than 2,500 injuries and fatalities.*

The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) regulates truck drivers and truck companies in order to provide a safe driving environment for all vehicles using our national roads. Even a minor miscue by a driver or neglecting a maintenance requirement by the truck owner can mean deadly consequences for other drivers on the road.

We Know How To Properly Handle Serious Truck Accident Claims

If you were injured or lost a loved one in a car, motorcycle or other type of vehicle accident involving a tractor-trailer or other commercial truck in central Illinois, call an attorney at the Illinois truck accident law firm of Holley, Rosen & Beard, LLC, in Springfield. We are a team of effective, experienced personal injury trial lawyers with a proud record of recovering full and fair money damages on behalf of people injured because of truck driver negligence or truck company indifference. We offer a free consultation to review your case and explain your options. We represent truck accident victims on a contingency fee basis. If we cannot help you recover compensation for your injuries and financial damages, you will not pay attorneys’ fees.

Why Semitruck Accident Cases Require An Experienced Lawyer

Truck companies know they face significant liability if they are sued because of negligence. Often, these companies carry additional personal injury liability insurance coverage, and many even self-insure to pay claims that exceed their coverage limits. These companies are often large, national or multinational corporations with teams of experienced defense lawyers protecting their bottom line. A common strategy is to offer an early settlement that appears sufficient, but may be significantly below the full extent of damages the victim is entitled to. We aggressively pursue full and fair compensation, and work to keep as much money in your pocked as possible.

We offer zealous representation for people seeking damages resulting from any type of truck accident in central Illinois, including:

  • Truck driver DUI, drug and alcohol abuse
  • FMCSA violations
  • Truck driver fatigue, asleep at the wheel
  • Load violations, overweight or unbalanced load
  • Truck maintenance violations
  • Unsafe stops, improper emergency stopping procedures
  • Construction zone accidents
  • Drive-under accidents, jackknife accidents
  • Illegal lane changes, truck driver reckless driving, speeding

More Than 50 Years Of Experience Representing Your Interests

From offices in Springfield, our lawyers advise and represent clients in communities throughout central Illinois. Contact us at 217-280-4984 or 877-671-5884 to arrange a free initial consultation with an experienced Springfield truck accident attorney at our firm today.