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When dog owners fail to control their pets, serious injuries can occur. At Holley, Rosen & Beard, LLC, we are here if you need help from a Springfield dog bite injury attorney. We understand that these incidents can leave individuals with extensive medical bills, along with lost wages and significant pain and suffering. We want to help make sure that you recover compensation from the dog’s owner so you can begin the recovery process.

At Holley, Rosen & Beard, LLC, our Springfield dog bite injury lawyers offer a free initial consultation to answer your questions about dog bite law and explain your options. We represent dog bite victims in communities throughout central Illinois.

Choose Holley, Rosen & Beard, LLC for a Dog Bite Injury Case

  • At Holley, Rosen & Beard, LLC, our Springfield dog bite injury attorneys focus on putting the client first at all times, which means we listen to your story and then formulate the best path forward to recover compensation.
  • We handle dog bite injury cases on a contingency fee basis, so you will not have to worry about paying any legal fees until after we recover compensation for your losses.
  • We value your time and know you want answers, so you will regularly hear from your attorney about the progress of your case as it moves forward.

Who Pays For Dog Bite Injuries?

In Illinois, dog owners are strictly liable for injuries caused by their pets from bites. This means that unless you provoked the animal or were a trespasser, the dog’s owner is responsible. In Illinois, the owner of dogs and other animals can even be incurred from their animals running at large.

Some people are hesitant to file a dog bite injury claim because the dog’s owner is a relative, friend or neighbor. However, in most cases, dog bite claims are covered by homeowners insurance.

As your lawyers, we work hard to prove the amount of your damages to the insurance company. Insurance companies will typically pay a little as possible, and it often takes a lawyer’s help to maximize your compensation. We work with doctors and other professionals to account for both the initial and long-term effects of the injury.

With more than 50 years of legal experience, we know full well the potential effects of dog bites and other types of injuries. As your attorneys, we will help you understand your options, pursue treatments, get opinions from medical professionals regarding long-term consequences, and get the money you and your family need.

How Much Compensation is Available?

There is no set amount of compensation paid to dog bite injury victims in Illinois. Rather, factors such as injury severity, how long it takes a person to recover, and insurance policy limits will all affect total compensation amounts. The most common route of recovering compensation after a dog bite is a settlement with the homeowners’ insurance policy of the dog owner.

However, in the event that the negligent dog owner does not have an insurance policy, or if the total expenses exceed the policy limits, it may be necessary to file a civil personal injury lawsuit against the at-fault party.

Our team works diligently to recover various types of compensation on behalf of dog bite victims. This includes, but is not limited to, coverage of the following:

  • All medical bills are rising due to the incident
  • Coverage of lost wages if a person is unable to work
  • Any property damage expenses
  • Household out-of-pocket losses
  • Compensation for pain and suffering or scarring and disfigurement

Dog Bite Laws in Illinois

When we examine Illinois law related to dog bite incidents, we can see that this is considered a “strict liability” state (510 ILCS 5/16). This means that a dog’s owner will become liable for the full amount of any injuries if their dog “attacks, attempts to attack, or injuries any person” who is conducting themselves peacefully in a place where they have the right to be, so long as the individual does not provoke the dog.

It is important to point out that, unlike other states, Illinois law allows individuals to recover compensation after any type of dog attack, not just the actual dog bite. For example, if a dog pushes somebody down and causes them to sustain an injury, the strict liability rule will apply, and the dog’s owner will be responsible for paying compensation.

Free Injury Consultation About Your Dog Bite

If you or somebody you love has been bitten by a dog in or around the Springfield area in Illinois, reach out to the team at Holley, Rosen & Beard, LLC as soon as possible. We have a track record of success in helping dog bite victims recover compensation for their losses. We understand what it takes to stand up to aggressive insurance carriers or at-fault parties to recover the compensation our clients need. When you need a Springfield dog bite injury attorney, you can reach us for a free consultation of your claim by filling out our contact form or calling us at (877) 671-5884.