What should you do after a car accident?

February 3, 2023 Legal Team
No matter how long you have been driving, car accidents are still highly stressful. That is why all motorists must know what steps to take after a car crash, especially when crossing paths with a negligent driver.First and foremost, remain calm as you assess the situation. By allowing cooler heads to prevail, you have...
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3 natural risks on walkways and in entrances

January 20, 2023 Legal Team
Every place of business has a responsibility to keep its premises clear and clean so that visitors, workers and passersby may travel safely. This ranges from keeping hallways uncluttered with equipment to quickly cleaning up spills.It also includes cleaning up after mother nature. When a storm or the weather affects a premises, it may...
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Common types of soft tissue injuries resulting from car accidents

January 10, 2023 Legal Team
If you experience a motor vehicle accident, you might feel like a lack of broken bones warrants the confidence to walk away from the incident without seeking medical attention. The fact is, however, that even a minor accident can cause soft tissue injuries that are not apparent until much later.The National Safety Council reports...
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How do you handle the costs of a wrongful death funeral?

January 6, 2023 Legal Team
Many people do not make the time to plan for their funeral expenses. This even includes those that already handled their estate planning. For those who die as a result of an accident, it is unlikely there is money set aside to handle the costs.Your family may attempt to raise the funds for a...
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