Preparing to welcome winter and protect your customers

October 26, 2022 Legal Team
Winter weather is not that far distant which means soon enough you will need to take extra precautions to protect your customers. Neglecting to plan ahead could result in a costly premise liability case if a customer suffers an injury on your property.Keeping your highly-trafficked walkways clear of snow and ice requires a persistent...
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Does hands-free technology guarantee driver safety?

October 17, 2022 Legal Team
Many new vehicles have innovative technology that allows you to use cellular devices hands-free. While this development may prevent a great deal of distraction, does it indeed guarantee driver safety?Understanding that hands-free options still have risks can help you utilize them more responsibly.DisplayLook for ways to minimize the light and sounds on your display...
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Three common motorcycle accident injuries and how to avoid them

October 2, 2022 Legal Team
If you ride a motorcycle, you know that fall is the perfect time for riding in Illinois. Little compares to the sense of freedom a motorcycle offers, but this freedom is not without the potential for danger.Here are three of the most common motorcycle injuries and some ways to avoid them next time you...
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Do you need an ignition interlock device?

September 28, 2022 Legal Team
A DUI could impede your freedom, complicate your education, impact your relationships and interfere with your career. Rebounding from your incident as quickly as possible can help you minimize negative repercussions.An ignition interlock device allows you to continue to legally operate your vehicle despite a DUI charge. If you meet the eligibility requirements to...
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