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Does hands-free technology guarantee driver safety?

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Posted on October 17, 2022

Many new vehicles have innovative technology that allows you to use cellular devices hands-free. While this development may prevent a great deal of distraction, does it indeed guarantee driver safety?

Understanding that hands-free options still have risks can help you utilize them more responsibly.


Look for ways to minimize the light and sounds on your display screen. Even though you can make phone calls and adjust your music using simply your voice, you might still occasionally glance at your display screen to verify it understood your requests properly.

Similarly, when finding a new address, you may spend a fair amount of time looking at the display to verify you have the right directions and are on track to arrive at your destination on time. Paying too much attention to the displays can distract you from driving and put you at a higher risk of crashing.


The constant ringing, buzzing, beeping and dinging of notifications can cause irritation and distraction. According to Science Daily, cognitive distractions can still slow your response so use caution when thinking about the notifications you receive. Prior to connecting your device, set up your preferences to minimize some of the notifications.


Occasionally technology glitches and your Bluetooth connectivity signal could go MIA. Fiddling with your device while driving and trying to reconnect it right then can drastically increase your risks of crashing. If you lose connectivity, pull over to a safe place and troubleshoot.

Your diligence in using hands-free technology responsibly can optimize its use and prevent it from becoming a hazard while you drive.