Common Construction Injuries in Illinois

September 20, 2023 Brian Beltz
Construction jobs are some of the most demanding work in the country, requiring constant vigilance in stressful work environments. Unfortunately, not all injuries are preventable, but understanding the common causes of Illinois construction injuries can protect workers from mild altercations to traumatic injuries. Filing workers' compensation claims can be challenging, and they often do not...
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Steps to Take After You Are Injured on the Job in Illinois

September 5, 2023 Brian Beltz
An Illinois worker's actions after being injured in a work-related accident can make the difference between a successful worker's compensation claim and losing needed compensation for recovery. A small window of time exists where the steps taken are critical to how a claim proceeds. Following these steps will ensure an Illinois work-related accident is...
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What is traumatic brain injury?

June 10, 2021 Legal Team
Being involved in a car accident can lead to a number of serious injuries. According to the Mayo Clinic, traumatic brain injury occurs when the head receives a forceful blow or jolt.TBI effects range from minor to severe, with some injuries even threatening loss of life. This guide explains the effects of head injuries...
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Strict liability and defective products

November 27, 2020 Legal Team
When we purchase a product, we trust that it is safe to use for its intended purpose. If we are injured by a defective product, we should be compensated for our damages. But who can we hold liable?The simple answer to this question: Nearly anyone in the chain of commerce. Under the legal theory...
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