How to File a Medical Malpractice Claim in Illinois

May 27, 2024 Brian Beltz
Medical care is necessary at some point in almost everyone’s life, often putting your well-being in the hands of medical practitioners. While you would like to hope that your trust and faith are well-placed, this is not always the case. Sometimes, the people you entrusted your life to are negligent, failing to help you...
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Understanding Illinois Medical Malpractice Law

May 8, 2024 Brian Beltz
While we would all like to believe we can trust medical professionals completely, the truth is that everyone makes mistakes. Doctors and nurses have a duty to their patients to provide the best possible treatment within their means. When they are negligent and not fulfilling this duty, it can worsen conditions or cause new...
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Is Lane Splitting Legal in Illinois?

February 29, 2024 Holley Rosen Beard
Lane splitting is the process of motorcycle riding between two vehicles that are stopped, often through two lanes of stopped traffic. This is a risky form of driving a motorcycle and should not be done when it is avoidable. In Illinois, some forms of lane splitting are illegal. What You Should Know About Lane...
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Wrongful Death Claims in Fatal Motorcycle Accidents in Illinois 

February 8, 2024 Holley Rosen Beard
Motorcycle accidents can carry serious consequences, including fatalities. Due to the limited protection on the rider, a fast-moving car or truck can easily cause the driver to suffer life-threatening injuries. If your family member was killed in a motorcycle accident in Illinois, you may have the right to file a wrongful death claim. The Illinois...
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