How do falls result in back injuries?

May 6, 2022 Legal Team
Falls are a common accident that can occur almost anywhere. Whether it is a slip and fall or a fall from a height, this type of accident can result in serious back injuries. The jarring of your body is often bad for the back and could leave you in serious pain.Cedars Sinai explains back...
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The dangers of a parking lot without sufficient light

February 17, 2022 Legal Team
A person who owns a property has a responsibility to keep it safe for people who visit the premises, and the owner of a parking lot is no exception. Evening hours can be particularly dangerous since the sun has set, giving pedestrians and drivers less light to help them navigate the lot.To address the...
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Negligent business owners, falls and older adults

December 6, 2021 Legal Team
As an older adult, you could have a number of concerns in your daily life, from financial worries to health problems. Unfortunately, many older adults become seriously hurt as a result of falling down, which sometimes happens as a result of another party’s negligence. If a careless business owner failed to address serious hazards...
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What are some fire risks in fall?

September 23, 2021 Legal Team
Fall is the ideal time to have friends and family visit for a bonfire or to sit around a campfire. However, bringing fire into a party can create a hazardous situation.If you want to have a fun fall involving fire, Johns Hopkins Medicine recommends keeping some safety tips in mind.Watch the distanceYou should only...
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