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As an older adult, you could have a number of concerns in your daily life, from financial worries to health problems. Unfortunately, many older adults become seriously hurt as a result of falling down, which sometimes happens as a result of another party’s negligence. If a careless business owner failed to address serious hazards and you sustained an injury after falling down, you deserve a voice.

Fall-related injuries can lead to long-term health challenges, pain, emotional hurdles and serious financial setbacks. Those injured because of negligent business owners deserve justice.

Statistics on fall-related injuries and older adults

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention outlines some of the risks that older adults face with respect to falling down. Every year, millions of older adults (65 and over) fall down, and roughly three million need emergency treatment for injuries sustained during a fall. The CDC states that 20% of falls cause serious injuries and these accidents cause more than 800,000 people to become hospitalized on an annual basis.

Fall-related hazards that older adults face

Older adults fall down for a host of reasons, but some of these accidents take place due to carelessness. For example, you could suffer an injury after slipping, such as a slick surface due to a leaky pipe that a business owner failed to address. Broken steps, ice and clutter can also lead to an accident.

If you sustained injuries after falling down, you need to examine the details of the incident and determine whether another party’s negligence caused the fall. Do not wait to take action and do not feel ashamed to stand up for your rights.