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What are some fire risks in fall?

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Posted on September 23, 2021

Fall is the ideal time to have friends and family visit for a bonfire or to sit around a campfire. However, bringing fire into a party can create a hazardous situation.

If you want to have a fun fall involving fire, Johns Hopkins Medicine recommends keeping some safety tips in mind.

Watch the distance

You should only build fires outside in uncovered areas. Make sure the fire is not too close to flammable items, such as buildings or trees. Never let anyone sit too close to the fire either. Watch children when they are near to ensure they do not fall into it.

Use the proper fuel

You should never use gasoline or other substances to start your fire. Stick with wood, leaves and other natural kindling. You should ensure it is secure in a ring or pit so nothing blows out once you start the flames. Light it with a match or lighter only.

Leave it out

Make sure at the end of the night, you put the flames out completely. You should douse it with water to ensure there are no hot remains left behind. You should always keep a bucket of water close by when the fire is burning, too, as it can be a quick way to put out errant sparks.

Adding a fire to your fall event can give it some warmth that is often lacking in a Midwest autumn. Fire comes with a lot of responsibility, though. You must ensure you keep guests safe and build a fire that remains contained. Keep an eye on things to ensure nobody suffers a needless burn injury.