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Car accidents caused by the Snapchat speed filter

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Posted on December 30, 2016

In Illinois and other states, the Snapchat speed filter has become a popular feature, but it is dangerous when people use it while driving. A woman who writes for the blog Safer America believes that it has no real purpose except to video a person accelerating to extreme speeds that may cause a car accident and feels it should be removed.

Snapchat told CBS News that they take measures to deter use of the app while driving by showing a warning message every time it is used and when user speeds go higher than 15 miles per hour. This did not stop a man from recording his acceleration from 82.6 miles per hour to 115.6 miles per hour in a 10-second video. Minutes later he lost control, went across the median and caused a car accident with several fatalities. He and his passenger were killed, as well as a mother and two of her children. Three other people sustained injuries.

Snapchat has previously been associated with a dangerous driving car wreck. It has been alleged that a woman was using the speed filter when she crashed into a car, causing the other driver to receive traumatic brain injuries. She posted on the app that she felt lucky to be alive while on the stretcher at the accident scene. Snapchat disputes this claim. They say their logs show she was not using it, and they have filed a motion to dismiss the lawsuit against them.

If someone has experienced a car accident injury due to distracted or reckless driving, then an experienced personal injury attorney could help. An attorney may evaluate and assemble a civil claim by considering accident investigations and reports via car accident reconstructions. A personal injury attorney may negotiate a settlement with the responsible party. They could aid the person in receiving the damages they may be due, such as car repairs, medical bills and pain and suffering.