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Driving defensively to prevent distracted driving crashes

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Posted on April 6, 2017

Although many Illinois drivers are aware of the dangers of distracted driving, some still actively use their smartphones while they are operating their vehicles. In fact, there are studies available that suggest that distracted driving may be more dangerous than drunk driving. As such, it is important that drivers do everything they can to protect themselves and others against distracted driving.

The founder of has been working diligently to change the way drivers think about distracted driving. He argued that drivers should anticipate the potential mistakes that other drivers may make. This includes staying alert when traveling through intersections even with a green light. Drivers should anticipate vehicles running red lights. They should also anticipate pedestrians who may be looking at their phones to step into the roadway even when they do not have the right of way. By anticipating these actions, drivers can be prepared to prevent a potential accident.

To make getting into a defensive driving mindset a bit easier, drivers can use the acronym SPIDER. The S stands for scanning potential threats while the P stands for predicting the possible places where threats may come from. I stands for identifying a threat while the D stands to deciding whether or not to act. Finally, ER stands for executing the appropriate responses to the threat.

If a person becomes involved in a car accident that was caused by a distracted driver, they may seek compensation by filing a personal injury claim against the driver found to be responsible. An attorney may negotiate with the insurance company that is responsible for paying the compensation. If the insurance company does not offer a settlement that covers the cost of the damages, which may include loss of income in addition to medical expenses, the attorney may take the case to court.