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Seeking medical help is doubly important after a car crash

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Posted on August 13, 2017

You may drive along the same stretch of road day after day without incident, going to work, going to a game or joining up with friends on a Saturday night. You feel comfortable, given the familiar surroundings, but you should never become complacent. An accident can happen when and where you least expect a vehicle crash to occur.

Whether you suffer minor scratches or more serious injuries as the result of a collision, getting medical help should be top of mind. The reasons are two-fold: Timely medical assistance is important for your health, of course, but it is also essential in terms of the compensation you hope to receive from an insurance claim.

The pain may take its time

You might walk away from a vehicle accident, and that is the good news. But in the days to come, you may experience pain, dizziness, numbness or nausea. These could be symptoms of soft tissue injuries that were not evident at the time of the accident. However, if you visited a doctor following the crash, your doctor can properly link your injuries to the accident rather than shunt them aside as if they resulted from an unrelated incident that occurred a week or two later.

What you can do to help

Your personal injury attorney will tell you that the first priority of an insurance company is to save money, which means the agency will try to low-ball any compensation that might be coming your way. You can assist your attorney by taking notes about your injuries and the medical treatment you receive. Keep receipts as well for any medications your doctor gives you or any devices you require, such as crutches or braces.

Filing following recovery

The best time to settle with an insurance company is after you have either fully recovered from your injuries or your physician has released you as having achieved maximum improvement. While there is always the hope that you will enjoy complete recovery, you have every right to expect a settlement that will cover both your current and future needs if required. Remembering to seek medical assistance following an accident will help to make this possible.