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In traffic accidents, car size is important

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Posted on October 3, 2017

While vehicles have become increasingly safe with advancements in technology and additional safety features, small cars still carry higher risks when they are involved in accidents. Illinois residents who are considering purchasing small cars might want to consider the safety risks involved with driving them. When small cars are involved in collisions, the occupants are twice as likely to be killed as are occupants of large vehicles, according to the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety.

Small cars have smaller engines, front ends and hoods. When they have front-end crashes, there is less in front of the car occupants to absorb the impact of the collisions. The forces that are released transfer into the cabs to be absorbed by the vehicle occupants, potentially causing severe injuries.

Large vehicles are heavier and require longer braking distances than small cars because of the added weight. When they collide with small vehicles, they still may be in motion, forcing the small-car occupants to absorb greater impacts during the crashes.

Small cars are safer than they used to be, but there are still risks involved with them because of their lighter weights and smaller sizes. People who are in small cars that are involved in car wrecks may suffer severe injuries. In some cases, the people may face lifetimes of disability, skyrocketing costs and losses of income. By getting help from personal injury lawyers with their insurance claims, victims who have suffered injuries because of the negligent driving of others may concentrate on recovering while their lawyers help with their claims. The attorneys may use their legal knowledge and familiarity with insurance company tactics to negotiate settlements that will compensate their clients for all of their losses. If the offers are inadequate, the attorneys can take the matter to court.