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How to know who is liable in an Uber accident

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Posted on January 9, 2018

When a person gets into a car accident, it may be possible to hold the driver who caused the crash liable for damages. However, if an Uber driver causes the accident, there may be some question as to who is actually liable. In the event that an Illinois resident or anyone else gets into an accident caused by an Uber driver, the driver is generally the liable party.

If a driver gets into an accident when a passenger is in that vehicle, a $1 million liability policy may be in place. In such a scenario, the injured party could file a lawsuit against the driver and then file a claim with the insurance company. Lyft also has a similar policy in place should a driver get into an accident. However, the policy may not be in place if the accident happens when a driver is using an Uber vehicle for personal reasons.

Exceptions may also apply if the driver is waiting for a fare when the accident takes place. Those who are injured while in an Uber vehicle should get as much information about the crash as possible. Relevant information may include the driver’s name as well as proof that a victim was a paying customer at the time of the accident.

Those who are involved in a car accident may experience significant injuries such as broken bones or a head injury. After a car wreck, it may be a good idea to consult with an attorney. Doing so might make it possible to build a case against the driver who caused the accident. If the driver was negligent when a collision occurred, injured victims may be entitled to several forms of compensation to help pay medical bills or replace lost wages.