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Reinstating your license after an Illinois DUI

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Posted on April 30, 2018

If you lost your license because of an Illinois drunk driving conviction, it may have a serious impact on many areas of your life. You may find yourself struggling to get to and from work or hold down a job, or you may find that your family is under increased pressure because of your inability to drive.

Regardless of how your loss of license is impacting your life, you may, depending on certain circumstances, be able to pursue an Illinois license reinstatement.

Criteria for license reinstatement

To get your license reinstated after a driving-under-the-influence conviction, you must have a clear driving record, and you also must undergo an alcohol or drug evaluation and participate in a substance abuse education program. If the evaluation reveals that your substance abuse issues are still present, you will then have to furnish proof of your attendance in substance abuse treatment before you can proceed with the reinstatement process.

The next step in the reinstatement process, provided this is your first DUI offense, involves scheduling an appearance before an Illinois Secretary of State hearing officer at a driver service facility. If this is not, however, your first DUI conviction, the process can prove a bit more complicated. In such a scenario, you must submit a formal reinstatement request in writing, pay a nonrefundable fee and attend a formal hearing in one of several specified locales.

Deciding factors for reinstatement

License reinstatement decisions are made on a case-by-case basis, but there are several factors you can expect those in power to consider when deciding your fate. The severity of your crime, your overall driving record, any efforts you made to improve yourself and whether you might still be a danger to others are all considerations that play a role in such decisions.

Living without a license can have a considerable impact on your quality of life, but if you are willing to make the necessary efforts, a license reinstatement may help you find relief.