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New technology may keep drivers away from their smartphones

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Posted on June 13, 2018

Smartphones are increasing the number of distracted driving incidents on the roads of Illinois and throughout the rest of America. They have created such an epidemic that many companies are developing technology to stop the harm caused by phones. Whether drivers will use the new technology is another issue; however, a National Safety Council survey of 2,400 drivers in America found that over half would use message-blocking devices if they came pre-set in their cars.

One of the most recent developments is a device called Groove. This product plugs into any car and can link phones to their providers by way of a cloud platform. The providers can then block all communications once they know the user is driving. This means that all calls, messages and social media updates will be prevented. Drivers are also prevented from sending anything. Messages will appear once the car is turned off.

Groove is currently in its pilot phase with Sprint as well as with a wireless provider in Australia. Pilot programs may even be started in Austria, Kenya and New Zealand.

A second device, called Drive ID, may also prevent drivers from checking their phones. This solar-powered product can be mounted on the windshield to block drivers’ phones. Thanks to its ability to create separate zones, it will not affect passengers’ phones.

If drivers continue to check their phones, they’ll only increase their chances of causing a crash. Victims of such accidents may consider filing third-party insurance claims. This means having the guilty party’s auto insurance company pay for vehicle damage, physical and emotional trauma and so on. A lawyer could help a victim throughout the filing process.