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Tesla safety report met with skepticism

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Posted on October 29, 2018

Tesla recently released a document that it proclaims to be a safety report. However, those who have seen the report believe that it lacks the proper context to make the types of claims that it does. For instance, it says that Illinois drivers and others who use the Tesla Autopilot feature get in fewer crashes than those who turn it off or don’t have it at all. However, it doesn’t say why a driver would turn the feature off or otherwise not use it. It could be because a person is using the car in an environment where Autopilot isn’t meant to be used.

Tesla also refused to go into greater detail about incidents in which vehicles equipped with Autopilot were involved in accidents. For example, it refused to say how severe the accidents were or if anyone suffered serious injuries. There was also no mention of whether an accident was caused by a drunk driver or if it occurred during the day or at night.

According to Consumer Reports, Autopilot is No. 2 on its list of semiautonomous systems. Tesla has implemented adjustments to its system that require a driver to touch the wheel more frequently while the system is engaged. This helps ensure that the driver is still responsive and paying attention to road conditions.

Ideally, drivers will pay attention to the road regardless of what safety features their vehicles come with. This can help prevent causing a serious car wreck. A person who causes an accident may be liable for paying a victim’s medical bills and other expenses. If an individual dies in a crash, family members may be able to file a wrongful death suit. Personal injury cases may be resolved in a settlement without the need for a trial.