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What is court supervision in terms of a DUI conviction?

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Posted on November 2, 2018

Your driving record is vital, but if you have a conviction for driving under the influence of alcohol, your record will reflect this activity. However, there are legal options to think about, especially if this DUI is your first offense. For example, you may be eligible for court supervision.

What it means

As a first offense, your DUI is a misdemeanor, and the judge can approve court supervision in your case. He or she can determine the conditions with which you must comply. These could include payment of a fine, attendance at traffic safety school, enrollment in a vocational training course, participation in an alcohol treatment program or no fewer than 30 hours or more than 120 hours of community service. The court will often choose a community service project that is in or near the neighborhood in which you live.

Community service and more

Court supervision may indeed be key in removing a DUI mark from your driving record, but this may take a while. According to Illinois state law, the term of supervision cannot be longer than two years. If the court orders you to perform community service, the term will be no fewer than 30 hours or more than 120 hours. The county board in the location where your misdemeanor took place has to approve and fund the community service opportunity. The court may also require you to file a report or appear before a judge on a regular basis.

A one-time benefit

There are other legal options that may apply, such as winning your case at trial or getting the charges thrown out due to a technicality. The main goal is to help you benefit to the greatest extent possible and keep you from becoming a repeat offender. If you believe court supervision is a good solution for you and it will eventually allow you to retain a clean driving record, keep in mind that this is an option you can only use once in a lifetime.