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How can I lower my risk of having an accident this winter?

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Posted on December 31, 2019

While the holiday season is drawing to a close, winter is in full swing all over the nation. In Illinois, many drivers are not looking forward to poor road conditions caused by winter storms. While you cannot always prevent accidents from happening, there are steps you can take to decrease your accident risk while driving.

Traction is often lost on slick winter roads. As a result, your tires must be in good shape to combat rough winter conditions. If your tread is looking a bit thin, consider investing in some winter tires for the season. The sturdier your tire tread is, the better the traction will be on the road. Other types of vehicle maintenance can also help you avoid accidents. This includes checking your tire pressure on a regular basis to make sure they remain inflated when temperatures drop.

Adjusting your speed to match the conditions is equally important. Remember, the posted speed limit is there to remind motorists of the appropriate speed for the ideal road conditions. Snow, rain, and slick roads are certainly not ideal, so motorists are encouraged to adjust their speed in this case. Be wary of going too slow, however, as this can be just as dangerous as driving too fast for conditions.

Finally, always clear off your vehicle before setting out on a drive. Leaving snow and ice on your car will make it much harder to seek while driving. Debris can also fall off your vehicle and hit others, which causes even more problems. Be sure the window is fully defogged as well, or you may be unable to see other motorists and pedestrians.