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What are hard injuries?

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Posted on January 22, 2020

Hard injuries are severe types of injuries. They cause extreme discomfort and a significant amount of pain and suffering. These injuries receive large accident settlements in Illinois because they have a substantial impact on both your current and future lifestyle. In addition, these injuries can be easily documented by your doctor and thus proven in court. 

According to AllLaw, head injuries receive large accident settlements because the damages could be long lasting. For example, you suffered a serious blow to your head in an accident. This can result in concussions, severe migraines, et cetera. Head injuries can lead to serious complications that permanently affect you physically, mentally and emotionally. The odd thing about head injuries is at first the damages appear to be minor. Victims appear healthy and function with normal cognitive abilities. However, a few months later, they start complaining about sharp shooting pain in their head. The victims assume they had fully recovered, but unfortunately the symptoms were just slowly getting worse over time. 

The insurance companies know head injuries are like a ticking time bomb and will require expensive treatment. The longer they wait to settle, the higher the risk of some major cerebral diagnosis. Any time you fracture or break your bones, you increase your personal injury settlement amount. This is because broken bones immediately impact your daily life and can be verified with X rays. The other point that determines your settlement amount is the severity of the broken bones. For example, a hairline fracture in your hand is a serious injury and deserves a good settlement. However, this injury would be considered less devastating than breaking both of your legs and being stuck in a wheelchair. Therefore, the latter would get a higher injury. 

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