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What are some home hazards that cause falls?

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Posted on April 20, 2020

Injuries on Your Property

You might plan on hosting some friends or business associates over at your home. If you are considering some kind of gathering, you should take a look at your house and think about how safe it is. Unfortunately, many people suffer falls at a home, sometimes because of hazards that many home owners do not think about. Such falls can inflict serious injuries. 

Property owners are responsible for the safety of guests on their premises. Injury victims may even hold a home owner liable for medical costs if they trip and fall inside the home of the owner. The Mayo Clinic explains some safety hazards to look for as you try to make your home safer. 

Trip and fall hazards 

You may find tripping hazards all throughout your home. Clutter can lay on your stairs or halls. Coffee tables or magazine racks may reside in places where people are likely to walk. You might find loose floorboards or damaged carpeting that could catch the foot of a person as they walk. Liquid spills can cause slips and falls. Phone cords that cut across the path of a person can also constitute a trip hazard. 

Proper lighting 

Some people, particularly older adults, have problems seeing in places that do not have enough light. As a result, they may trip over objects or uneven floors. Insufficient light can also cause people to not see a sudden drop off and take a tumble. So keeping your home illuminated with proper light may prevent people from falling and suffering an injury. 

Stair railings 

If you have stairs in your home, they should have railings available. Some people can walk up and down stairs without assistance, but many people need to hold on to a railing to support themselves, especially older people. Also check to see that your stairs have the appropriate amount of light for people to walk up and down on.