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Marissa auto accident requires an airlift

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Posted on September 16, 2020

Everyone knows that regardless of which city in our state one lives in, the roads can be dangerous. This is true on highways, interstates and even normal, less trafficked roads. An accident that required an airlift last Wednesday proves this point.

The accident

According to Illinois State Troopers, a Ford Focus was traveling eastbound on New Athens Darmstadt road, just shy of 1:00 p.m. Unfortunately, she did not obey the posted stop sign. The driver blew through that stop sign at the Illinois 4 intersection.

At the same time the Ford Focus blew through the stop sign, a van was traveling southbound on Illinois. At this intersection, only the Ford Focus had a stop sign, and the van had the right of way.

The van then collided with the Ford Focus’s driver’s side. The impact caused both the van and the Ford Focus to overturn multiple times.

The injuries

The Ford Focus was driven by a 27-year-old Marissa woman, and she had two young children (ages 4 and 3) in her car. Everyone was seriously injured in the car accident, and they were airlifted to the hospital.

The van’s only occupant was the driver, and he did not suffer as serious injuries. He was taken by ambulance to a local hospital, and his injuries were described as non-life threatening.

The aftermath

The intersection was closed for the troopers’ investigation. While the intersection has since opened, the Illinois State Police Traffic Crash Reconstruction Unit is still investigating the accident. Anyone with additional information and witnesses should contact that unit.

The investigation is ongoing, but based on the Trooper’s description of the accident, the Ford Focus driver appears to be at fault. She failed to stop at a stop sign, and a horrific accident resulted. While there were not passenger injuries in the van, as a result of the Focus driver’s apparent negligence, the van driver was hospitalized.

This is the type of situation where victims can utilize a civil lawsuit known as a personal injury lawsuit. These lawsuits allow the victims of a driver’s negligence to recover for all the damages that result from that negligence, including lost wages, car damages, pain and suffering, etc.