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The basic concepts involved in premises liability law

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Posted on October 1, 2020

No one expects to be injured in any kind of accident, but injuries that occur because of some type of dangerous property condition are some of the most common in Illinois. When negligent property owners are responsible for an injury that has occurred, a personal injury lawsuit initiated under the concept of “premises liability” law may be a possibility.

The basics about premises liability law

Premises liability is part of the overall umbrella known as “tort” law, which is the wider area of the law utilized when someone suffers an injury due to another party’s negligent or reckless conduct. In premises liability law, an injured victim can attempt to hold a property owner responsible for the injuries that occurred, based on the basic concept that a property owner should know about and correct dangerous aspects of the property that may lead to injuries to people who come onto the property.

If our readers are thinking that this sounds like somewhat of a niche area of personal injury law, they are probably right. Personal injury lawsuits that are based on car accidents, for example, or even medical malpractice are probably more common. However, an injury that occurs due to a dangerous property condition can be just as devastating for an Illinois resident as any injury that occurs in any other situation. The injured party is likely to have unexpected medical costs, among other expenses, that arise solely because of the property incident.

Of course, property owners are likely to fight the concept that they are responsible for the conditions on their property. Some might claim that the injured party wasn’t supposed to be on the property. Others might claim that, even if the injured party was allowed on the property, that person engaged in conduct that was unreasonably dangerous on its own. There are other potential arguments as well. When a premises liability claim is a possibility for our readers in Illinois, they will want to be sure to get the right information about their own unique situation.