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Why see a doctor if you can walk away from a car crash?

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Posted on October 3, 2020

If you are the victim of a minor traffic accident such as a rear-end collision, you may be a bit shaky afterward but otherwise, you feel OK.

You may just want to go home and take it easy, but there are two good reasons to stop and see a doctor on your way.

Common results

A minor vehicle crash can cause a wide variety of injuries, some of which are serious. The body cannot deal with a violent impact without some sort of reaction. Even in a low-speed rear-end collision, the victim could suffer consequences such as broken bones, damage to the spine, whiplash or a traumatic brain injury.

Underlying injuries

To compensate for the impact of a crash, the body instantly releases chemicals capable of masking pain and certain injury symptoms, which may not appear for hours or even days. This is one of the two main reasons for seeing a doctor promptly after any kind of vehicle crash. You may have underlying injuries that become more serious the longer you wait.

Medical documentation

Your wellbeing is the most important consideration after even a small fender-bender, but there is a second reason for visiting a doctor: the medical report. This document will contain information about the type of injury you sustained, the prognosis and recommended treatment. Equally important, the medical report will link your injury directly to the car crash. When the time comes for you to file a claim, the insurance company will review this kind of information in determining the financial relief for which you are eligible. As the accident victim, you have a right to expect full and fair compensation to cover your medical costs and more.