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4 defensive driving rules every motorist should know

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Posted on February 23, 2021

As a motorist, you are probably aware of the hazards that lead to car accidents. Awareness alone is not enough to make the roads safer. Defensive driving skills are crucial in preventing motor vehicle collisions and improving road safety.

Operating a motor vehicle is a big responsibility. Here are a few defensive driving pointers to consider to keep you safe.

Stay alert

Avoid distractions and pay attention to the behaviors and actions of other motorists. It is not always possible to predict or anticipate another driver’s actions but remaining alert and aware while behind the wheel can speed up your reaction time to avoid potential hazards.

Check your vehicle

Inspect your vehicle periodically and keep up with the maintenance and repairs. Make sure your car is free of defects and in good condition before traveling. Replace worn wiper blades, old/worn light bulbs, etc.

Maintain good health

Believe it or not, your health plays an important role in your comfort and driving performance. Get a physical and take all medications as necessary. Pay close attention to medications or medical therapies that interfere with your ability to operate your vehicle safely. Try to refrain from medications that cause drowsiness or inattentiveness before driving.

Follow the rules

Traffic laws and rules exist to prevent accidents, regulate the flow of traffic and facilitate safety. Stay abreast of traffic laws and follow all road rules accordingly. Do not forget to take the flow of traffic and your surroundings into consideration when operating your car. Follow the speeds, adhere to the lights and signs at all times.