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Can you file a claim for your poolside slip and fall injury?

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Posted on May 17, 2021

For Illinois residents who live in a community with a pool, have a water park nearby or neighbors with their pool, the potential for dangerous situations and injuries increases. If an afternoon of fun turns tragic due to negligence, you may have grounds for a claim.

According to the City of Springfield, property owners or their authorized agents must meet specific building requirements and take safety precautions around swimming pool structures. They include having a barrier at least 48 inches high around the perimeter and access gates that can lock.

Common slip and fall hazards

The wet conditions in the pool area often result in slick surfaces, even when using textured tiles and rubber mats. Some of the most common hazards in and around a pool include the following:

  • Damaged steps leading into the pool
  • Disrepair of a ladder or steps leading to a diving board
  • Inadequate drainage allows pooling water on the deck
  • Spills of sunscreen on a walking surface

The slippery conditions may increase when several people use the pool at the same time. You may fall due to someone else’s careless actions in these conditions.

Requirements for a claim

You must demonstrate several factors when filing a claim for injuries sustained in or around a pool. The first is that you must prove that the property owner or manager neglected to take safety precautions, such as using materials that help minimize slick conditions. You must also document that the responsible party knew about the unsafe conditions but did not act. Sometimes accidents happen, and not all injuries are grounds for legal action. However, if an irresponsible owner or manager allowed a dangerous condition, you may file a premises liability claim.