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Should you apply for a restricted driving permit after a DUI?

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Posted on May 14, 2021

From fines to possible jail time, Illinois has some harsh consequences for driving under the influence of alcohol. Residents of the Land of Lincoln also may lose their driving privileges after a DUI arrest. If you must drive to keep your job or for another important reason, a driver’s license suspension may be catastrophic.

In Illinois, it is sometimes possible to obtain limited driving privileges after a DUI conviction. To be eligible for a restricted driving permit, you must have a qualifying hardship. You also must meet other criteria.

What is a restricted driving permit?

A restricted driving permit is a special driver’s license that allows you to drive to certain places during specific times. Individuals who have received a suspension or revocation of their regular driver’s license may be eligible. Commonly, those who have lost driving privileges due to DUI convictions, unpaid traffic tickets and even missed child support payments choose to pursue restricted driving permits.

What constitutes hardship?

Even though losing driving privileges is likely to be hard on anyone, not every type of hardship qualifies you for a restricted driving permit. Generally, though, officials tend to approve these permits for the following:

•       Driving to and from work

•       Driving to and from school

•       Driving to and from medical appointments

Even if you need to drive for one of more of these reasons or another good reason, you must show driving is necessary for you to avoid hardship. If your place of employment is only a few blocks from your home, for example, officials may decide you do not need restricted driving privileges. The same may be true if you have access to public transportation.

If the loss of your driving privileges puts your job in jeopardy or triggers other life consequences, exploring a restricted driving permit may be a good idea. If you are ultimately successful, you must comply with the terms and conditions of your restricted permit to avoid additional consequences.