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What is traumatic brain injury?

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Posted on June 10, 2021

Being involved in a car accident can lead to a number of serious injuries. According to the Mayo Clinic, traumatic brain injury occurs when the head receives a forceful blow or jolt.

TBI effects range from minor to severe, with some injuries even threatening loss of life. This guide explains the effects of head injuries and how they can potentially impact your life.

Symptoms of TBI

All types of TBI entail physical and cognitive effects. With mild injuries, headaches, dizziness, problems speaking, blurred vision, and memory loss can all occur. When injuries are moderate to severe, a person may lose consciousness. Headaches become persistent, while a person may appear extremely confused or disoriented. It is best to have head injuries assessed by medical professionals right away to prevent worsening effects.

Complications of TBI

More serious injuries are also associated with complications. Some people develop seizure disorders, while others are at risk of fluid build-up within the skull, which increases pressure on the brain.

Head injuries can also cause altered states of consciousness. During a coma, a person is unaware of their surroundings and unable to respond to external stimuli. This can transition into a vegetative state, during which a person remains unaware but may perform basic movements and have responsive reflexes.

Physical and cognitive issues may also occur. These include paralysis, loss of vision and hearing, memory problems, impaired judgment, diminished problem-solving, trouble communicating, and a lack of organization to thoughts.

Treatment of TBI

Treatment of head injuries depends on the severity of symptoms. Some people only require a bit of rest and over-the-counter pain medication to control symptoms, while others will need surgery or extensive therapy.

Rehab is a common treatment of serious TBI. Through rehab, a person can relearn basic movements and functions. They can also learn how to adapt or overcome new limitations, which allows them to pursue a happy and fulfilling life.