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Why you need an attorney for a DUI case

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Posted on July 5, 2021

If you are facing charges for driving under the influence in Illinois, you are likely wondering what your next steps are. Whether you believe you are guilty or not, the potential consequences of a DUI can be devastating, and you will need guidance to achieve the best possible outcome.

Attorneys have specialized knowledge and experience that will allow them to help you navigate the legal system.

Challenging a DUI

An attorney can help you determine whether you can successfully challenge your DUI arrest. Your attorney can examine the specific details of your case and ascertain if police violated your rights by stopping you without a reason or if they improperly administered a blood alcohol test.

Mitigating penalties

Even if you are not able to challenge your case, it is still in your best interest to mitigate the consequences you could face, which could include fines, jail time, license revocation, probation or other punishments. An attorney can negotiate a deal on your behalf that results in more leniency. DUI attorneys are also familiar with diversion programs that can result in lighter penalties.

Additionally, an attorney can help you with any legal requirements following a conviction. For example, he or she can assist you with the license reinstatement process.

Managing other consequences

Beyond the legal penalties you could face, your DUI arrest can also have implications for your personal and professional life. A DUI attorney has experience dealing with these issues and can connect you to the resources you need to get your life back on track.