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Fractures may have a long-term impact

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Posted on September 14, 2021

Several different situations, such as car accidents and falls, can cause people to sustain a fracture. People may sometimes view fractures as relatively routine injuries. However, these wounds can have a serious impact.

There are several different kinds of fractures that people may incur. The Cleveland Clinic says that when people have a stress fracture, the bone does not break all the way but sustains a crack instead. If a bone breaks in two, this is a complete fracture, while a partial fracture extends through part of the bone. Additionally, people may have an impacted fracture if the force of an accident drove the bones together.

How do people know they have a fracture?

In many situations, people may immediately realize that they broke a bone. Some fractures may break through the skin and bleed, for example. The affected limb may also look different after the bone moves out of its normal position.

If people have more minor fractures, though, they may not know about the injury until a day or so after the incident. A stress fracture, for example, may not be immediately evident. In this situation, people may notice swelling of the limb and they may experience pain.

Do fractures have long-term consequences?

Many people may expect that their bone will heal after a few weeks in a cast. Medical News Today says that people may sometimes experience complications that can impact their future health. Bones may not always heal in the right position, causing a limb to misalign. Additionally, a bone may sometimes break near a joint. This can make people more likely to experience arthritis or stiffness in this part of the body.

When a fracture punctures the skin, people may be more susceptible to complications. The break in the skin can allow bacteria to enter the wound and people may experience infections.

After sustaining a fracture, people may want to see a medical professional to make sure that their limb receives the necessary care.