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How does a motorcycle accident produce road rash?

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Posted on October 8, 2021

Road rash is an injury many people experience. It may occur if you fall while out on a run or during a bicycle ride. Some road rashes are minor and easily treatable at home. However, if you are riding a motorcycle and a negligent driver fails to see you, you could sustain a more serious, even life-threatening road rash.

Severe road rashes can be painful. They may require expensive treatment and perhaps even skin grafting. There is also the risk that this type of injury could cause a steep decline in your health and perhaps lead to death.

How road rash happens

WebMD explains that road rashes occur when you scrape your skin against a hard surface or if you rub against a smooth surface for a prolonged period. As a motorcycle rider, you may suffer a harsh road rash if another vehicle hits you and flings you against a hard surface like a road pavement or a parking lot. In addition to the friction, some concrete pavements have jagged edges that may puncture your skin.

Velocity is another factor. The faster you ride, the harder the impact and the more severe your road rash may become. In some cases, a motorcyclist may experience a medical emergency not just because of a road rash but also due to broken bones and life-threatening trauma.

The dangers of road rash

Even if you survive the initial impact of an auto collision, a road rash may cause severe problems if not treated. Since a road rash is a break in the skin, it can permit bacteria into your body. You may experience a fever, increasing pain in the wound area or a discharge of pus.

Even worse, your body might overreact to the infection and create sepsis. This is a condition that causes damage to your organs and tissue. If the sepsis progresses, it can lead to septic shock, which could result in your death.

Treat road rash as soon as possible

Have a doctor look over your road rash to determine your infection risks. Preventing a dangerous bacterial infection may save you from debilitating health or a fatal outcome. You also need a timely diagnosis to determine your medical needs. These will likely factor into your personal injury case if you choose to pursue compensation for your injuries.