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4 mistakes to avoid when arrested for DUI

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Posted on January 11, 2022

The flashing red lights in your rearview mirror were a telltale sign. Law enforcement wants you to pull your car to the side of the road on suspicion of DUI.

Before you determine how to explain this mistake to your family, you must understand that it is best to avoid making compounding mistakes when interacting with the arresting officer. A DUI arrest is trouble enough. You do not need more.

Do not make incriminating statements

Here are crucial things to avoid doing if authorities stop you for DUI:

  • Talking too much: You just may make incriminating statements without realizing it. The arresting officer likely will ask you many questions, but you have the right to remain silent. When talking, just provide short and simple answers. Avoid details. Understand, though, that people arrested for DUI typically do not receive the Miranda warning.
  • Ignoring the officer’s orders: Listen to the arresting officer’s instructions. If law enforcement tells you to place your hands on the driving wheel, do so. If the arresting officer tells you to stay in your vehicle, remain there. You do not want this incident to escalate.
  • Smugly informing the officer about your legal rights: It is not your place to explain to the officer what he or she can or cannot do. An officer already should know the rights of someone under arrest. You may come across as an arrogant know-it-all and could find yourself charged with obstruction.
  • Resisting an arrest: Stay calm and do not flee, mouth off or act in an aggressive manner. Try to be on your best behavior and stay in control of your emotions. Also, consider how the officer treated you just in case complications surface.

You are not in an enviable position when stopped for DUI. Do your best to stay quiet and calm. Please do not take any antagonist actions.

Listen and follow instructions

You already face a difficult situation after an officer stops you for DUI. Do not make things worse, so please listen to the arresting officer, follow instructions and remain as calm as you can.