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3 reasons you should not talk to an insurance company alone after an accident

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Posted on March 16, 2022

In the aftermath of an accident, it is important to take the proper steps to ensure you, your passengers, the other party and your vehicles or property are safe and adequately protected.

Though one of the first calls following an accident is to an insurance company, there are several reasons to wait until you have legal representation to make contact with any insurance provider.

1. Your wellbeing is paramount

Whether you or your passengers need medical attention for sustained injuries or need to assess and fix damage to your property as soon as possible, you should consider and tend to the needs of your party and personal property before pursuing a claim with an insurance company. An insurance company is primarily concerned with its bottom line and may try to pre-emptively influence or limit the kinds of care and treatment you seek in an effort to save the company money.

2. The insurance company has different interests

Insurance companies use specific language and policy terms in order to maximize their own profits, which can hurt your claim or result in an inadequate offer that will not adequately compensate you for damages, injuries or related suffering caused by the accident. Though the adjuster seems friendly, their interests lie with their company’s objectives.

3. You need an advocate

Speaking to an insurance company alone can be daunting. If you have sustained injuries in an accident, you deserve an experienced advocate to help you recover compensation and file a comprehensive claim to protect your own interests and safety. Only a professional advocate can navigate insurance policies and maximize your claim to ensure you receive the settlement your case deserves.