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Can a TBI trigger personality change?

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Posted on March 28, 2022

Traumatic brain injuries can impact your life in a number of ways including your mobility and your emotional reasoning. Depending on the severity of your injury, you may suffer a permanent disability.

Since your accident, you may feel like you are not the same person as before. Something to note, a TBI can impact your personality. You may notice changes that you never before anticipated. However, your optimism coupled with a reliable support system can help you navigate your new normal.

Your personality

A few key factors comprise your personality including your thoughts, behaviors and feelings. According to the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, a TBI can influence your behavior, how you process situations, how you handle stress and your emotional response. It can also impact your communication, your senses and your cognition which can all alter your personality.

Changes to your personality may not be all bad. In fact, you may appreciate some of the differences you see now. However, if you struggle with how your personality has changed, participating in rehabilitative therapy may enable you to learn how to manage the new challenges in your life better.

Your recovery

Your medical provider can help you identify a timeline for your recovery. In some cases, you may fully recover. In severe circumstances, you may never make a complete recovery. Your care may require ongoing therapies to provide support and pain management, as well as to help you learn the nuances of living with a disability.

Living with a TBI can have its hard moments, but with the right intervention, you can still live a quality life. An attorney can advocate for your rights, especially in situations where your injury resulted because of someone else’s negligence.