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What you must demonstrate during a license reinstatement hearing

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Posted on May 19, 2022

When have your Illinois driving privileges revoked after driving under the influence, certain things must be true for you to regain possession of your driver’s license. The state needs to make sure you are not a threat to the public and that giving you your license back does not place anyone else in the state in danger.

Per the Office of the Illinois Secretary of State, you must appear before a Secretary of State hearing officer if you wish to get your driving privileges back.  Upon doing so, there are certain things you must demonstrate to the hearing officer. Some of the things you need to prove are as follows.

That you do not have or treated your substance problem

You have to undergo an alcohol and drug evaluation after an Illinois DUI before the state lets you drive again. If the evaluation indicates that you no longer have a problem, this may save you considerable time. If it indicates that you have a problem with drugs or alcohol, you must furnish proof of attending substance abuse treatment before you may regain driving privileges.

That you are not a threat to the public

You also need to convince the hearing officer that he or she would not endanger the public by giving you your driver’s license back. When assessing if you are a threat, the hearing officer may consider the seriousness and nature of your DUI offense, your driving record, in general, and whether you made efforts to overcome your substance dependency, among other possible areas.

If the hearing officer believes you are not a threat to public safety, you may be able to drive again after furnishing proof of financial responsibility. Beforehand, you must pay reinstatement and application fees and pass the driver’s license exam.