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What are some psychological consequences to a car crash?

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Posted on July 19, 2022

Even though you may assume you are only dealing with physical injuries after a car accident, your mental health can also suffer.

Psychological trauma can make it hard to go through daily life. Knowing the signs of this problem can help you identify any emotional or mental issues you are going through.

Rumination and overthinking

According to Psychology Today, you may continually think about the moment of the crash due to trauma. Replaying it over in your mind can make you feel depressed and tense since you are reactivating your fight or flight reaction.

You could also begin to notice an increase in anger or frustration because of this rumination. In some scenarios, you may try to downplay or repress these feelings, which can make it harder to fix.

Increased anxiety

After experiencing an intense car crash, you could avoid driving or even getting near any kind of vehicle. This kind of anxiety can lead to even worse avoidance and fear if it continues without any professional help.

You may even feel detached from anything you associate with the accident or the pain you felt afterward, which may make it hard to talk about with other people.

Heightened fear response

After a serious accident, your brain could be on alert for another similar situation so that you can avoid it. This can lead to you experiencing a worse quality of sleep each night and struggling to relax during the day.

You may even find that your general temperament changes in the time following the accident. Knowing how psychological issues can affect you after a car crash is important for your health.