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What If You’re Injured Off the Clock?

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Posted on February 13, 2024

Many Illinois work comp cases are not 100% straightforward. Don’t assume that just because you’re off the clock means your employer and their insurance carrier are off the hook for workers’ compensation.

The insurance company may try to fight you or limit your benefits even when it is obvious that you were injured at work through an IME, surveillance, or even denying your claim without any explanation. By knowing your rights and having the representation of an experienced workers’ compensation attorney, you can get the full benefits you are entitled to for your job-related injury.

When Helping Out Leads to Injury

Suppose you have just finished your shift at the hospital and clocked out from being a nurse; as you are about to leave, you hear one of your colleagues asking for help moving a heavy patient. Not wanting to be rude, you assist in lifting them, which leads to injuring your back. Nevertheless, this is a valid case for workers’ compensation since it was for your employer’s good.

Injuries on Your Way Out the Door

Even if you’ve clocked out and aren’t doing job duties, you can still get benefits if you get hurt. For example, a worker who clocks out but then slips on a wet floor on their way out of the warehouse would be eligible for workers’ compensation because they were required to walk down that hallway as part of their job, and the wet floor increased their risk of injury.

Driving a Company Car Opens the Door to Workers’ Compensation

Suppose you have a job where you drive a company car with an advertisement for the company. In that case, you might be able to receive benefits even when you’re far from the job site because your driving promotes your job, so accidents in that car could be considered work-related.

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Workers’ compensation claims can be incredibly challenging. We strongly suggest working with a skilled Springfield workers’ compensation attorney who can examine the facts of your case, particularly if you are receiving any pushback from an employer or the insurance carrier. If your claim gets denied, you need an advocate by your side who can investigate every aspect of the injury or illness and handle all communication with the other parties involved. Contact us today for a free consultation.