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Three-vehicle accident kills Morton man on Interstate 74

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Posted on February 12, 2021

As many of us have been teleworking for nearly a year now, we may forget the danger our roadways and highways present. After all, if we are just going out for a cup of coffee or a bagel for breakfast, what harm can a 10-minute drive bring. Unfortunately, regardless of how long our drive or whatever the destination, every time we use the road, we are in danger. This was exemplified recently with a fatal three-vehicle accident.

The fatal car accident

According to Illinois State Police, the fatal car accident occurred on Feb. 3 in East Peoria, Illinois on Interstate 74. Specifically, it occurred just past milepost 99, near the I-474 and I-74 interchange just after 7:00 p.m. A sedan was traveling eastbound on I-74 when it impacted a semi-trailer truck, which caused the sedan to spin across the roadway and careen into the left ditch. A driver of another sedan was then forced to swerve to avoid the vehicle, but this caused that vehicle to careen into the right ditch. Luckily, the drivers of the semi and second sedan were not seriously injured, but the driver of the sedan that caused the accident passed soon after the car accident.

The multi-vehicle accident is still under investigation, and it is not known why the accident occurred. It is also unknown whether speed, distracted driving, alcohol or drugs are suspected.

After a car accident

Car accidents are quite common, and given enough time, most, if not all, of us will be involved in one. And, for those in Springfield, Illinois, and throughout the region, we have options. Here, the driver of the truck and the second sedan likely have negligence cases against the estate and insurance of the sedan that cause this three-vehicle accident.

For the truck driver, a damaged truck and trailer likely means they cannot work, and similarly, for the second sedan’s driver, if that vehicle sustained damage, they likely cannot get to work either. And, while that driver can simply have insurance pay for a rental car while the accident is sorted, the truck driver may have a much harder time getting back to work. This is why it is so important to contact an attorney immediately after a car accident.