Getting your driver’s license back after a DUI

October 29, 2021 Legal Team
Driving under the influence of drugs or alcohol is a serious crime with harsh consequences.If an Illinois court convicts you of drunk driving, you will automatically lose your driver’s license until you complete the requirements to get it back.Suspension versus revocationA DUI conviction can result in either a suspension or revocation of your driving...
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Extra precautions needed for winter motorcycle riding

October 22, 2021 Legal Team
For most motorcycle enthusiasts in Illinois, the riding season runs from spring through fall. The additional dangers of hitting a patch of snow or ice, as well as the cold weather, convince most motorcyclists to put the bike away for several months.Bikers who do ride year-round should take extra precautions to stay safe.The importance...
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How does a motorcycle accident produce road rash?

October 8, 2021 Legal Team
Road rash is an injury many people experience. It may occur if you fall while out on a run or during a bicycle ride. Some road rashes are minor and easily treatable at home. However, if you are riding a motorcycle and a negligent driver fails to see you, you could sustain a more...
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