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How to Deal With Insurance Companies After a Truck Accident

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Posted on August 28, 2023

Truck accidents can be intensely difficult to manage, even with an insurance company that seems willing to help you. Most often, truck companies have highly experienced insurance adjusters working to reduce the cost of such accidents. The results often lead to you losing out on compensation owed to you. That is, until you use an attorney. Here is how to deal with insurance companies after a truck accident.

Empower Your Truck Accident Attorney

At Holley Rosen & Beard, we work with clients going up against large and small trucking companies to get the compensation they owe. We encourage you to have an attorney with experience in truck accidents to guide you through this legal process. Your attorney can handle just about every aspect for you, including:

  • Speaking to them about initial claims
  • Providing (or limiting) information related to your claim
  • Overcoming objections to claims
  • Refuting claims that you may have pre-existing injuries
  • Going to trial if they will not negotiate fairly with you

How to Speak to an Insurance Adjuster After a Truck Accident

If you have to or want to talk to an insurance adjuster for any reason, make sure your attorney provides guidance and support to you. You also want to be sure to remember these key tips.

Never Make a Statement About Fault

You do not want any insurance adjuster to put the blame on you in any way. That means you should not say things like, “I am sorry this happened,” or “I was not paying attention.” Simple statements put your case at risk.

Avoid Oversharing Information

You do not have to provide much information to the insurance company, just the facts. In that way, you should not provide photos, medical records, or other details about the accident above and beyond what you provided in the police report.

Never Make Claims About Your Future

You do not know if you will recover, go back to work, and gain back your quality of life. The last thing you want to do, then, is to give the insurance adjuster any belief that you are recovering or have some expectation of recovery.

Do Not Settle Your Case Before You Know What You Are Owed

This is another tactic skilled insurance companies use to reduce what they owe. They may pursue you to pay you quickly, often indicating they are trying to help you, with the sole goal of settling before you know what all of your losses are.

Avoid Feeling Pressured

You have time to make decisions and answer questions. If your claim is within the statute of limitations in our state, then you do not have to feel rushed.

Talk to a Truck Accident Attorney For Help

The best way to talk to a truck insurance company after an accident is just to let your attorney do the work for you. Contact Holley Rosen & Beard now, set up a free consultation to discuss your case, and learn how we handle the truck companies after these types of cases. It can make a big difference in your financial outcome.